Fill understaffed positions with ease

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Find on-demand workers near you
Short-staffed on weekends? Workers out sick? Big order coming up?
We've got you covered!

Why use Pronto?

Fill Shifts Quickly

Post available shifts in advance, or even day of, to get single-shift workers pronto!

High-quality Workers

Because Pronto vets workers for you, we can ensure that you are getting the best of the best.

Invite Workers Back

Did you meet a worker on Pronto who you really enjoyed working with? You can invite them back to work other shifts or even hire them full- or part-time.

How it works


Post Shifts

Simply input the date, hours, wage, and any other relevant information your workers need to know. It's that easy!


Find Workers

A worker will sign up to fill your open shifts on our site. We personally vet each of our candidates, so you can be sure you're getting a good match.


Provide Compensation

Compensating workers is easy with Pronto: We'll send you an invoice with your total—No need to waste time putting workers on payroll.


Evaluate & Invite Workers Back

After each shift, you'll have the opportunity to leave a rating for your workers. If you find a good fit, you can even invite them back for more shifts or long-term hiring.

How does training work?

Quick On-the-job Training

Pronto is great for filling shifts that can be easily learned or trained quickly. Depending on the tasks, training can be delivered on the job within minutes.

Types of Jobs

Any type of job works with Pronto—it just depends on your ability to train quickly. Some current jobs listed with Pronto include line cooks, pizza chefs, bussers, dishwashers, and delivery drivers.

Qualifications & Experience

Does your shift require a Food Handlers Permit? No problem. Pronto workers are only able to apply for shifts they qualify for. You can also include other certifications or required experience in the shift description.

Ready to find great workers near you?


To screen workers, we conduct a video interview with each individual before their first shift. In this call we check documentation, experience, and ability to work.

Because Pronto workers are individual contractors, there is no need to put workers on your payroll. Payments are painless and are securely transferred from your payment method of choice (bank or card) through Stripe to pay the worker. Posting a shift on Pronto is free, and your business's account will not be charged until after the shift has been completed by the worker and either a member at your business has verified the worker's clock times or 24 hours has gone by since the end of the shift.