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Trying to make ends meet? Need extra cash? Don't have time for another job?
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Why Pronto?

Shifts that work for you

Manage your own schedule. Sign up for one-time shifts when you want.

Prompt payments

All Pronto workers are paid within 2 business days of completing a shift. Guaranteed.

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Don't worry about putting together a resume—a 10-minute virtual interview is all you need to get started.

How it works


Sign Up

Create an account to view shifts and get notified when new shifts are posted.


Claim shifts

Request to work shifts that fit your schedule. Before your first shift we’ll conduct a short onboarding interview.


Work shifts

Refer to the shift details page to see shift responsibilities, dress code, and other requirements. Don’t forget to clock in and out!


Get paid

You'll be paid through Pronto within 2 business days after completing your first shift.

Want to be notified of available shifts near you?


When arriving to your shift, the shift contact will give you a code to clock-in. Before your shift starts, you'll receive a text prompting you to reply with the clock-in code. Immediately text that code to the same number and you will be clocked in. At the conclusion of your shift, text “OUT” to the same number to clock out.

Compensation varies depending on the shift. The restaurants are in charge of setting your hourly wage, not Pronto. You will be able to see the estimated pay for each shift before claiming it, but the actual total payout depends on the number of hours worked. If you get sent home early from a shift or stay later than the posted time because the manager asked you to, your pay will reflect those changes.

Training is a way to improve both your experience and the restaurant's experience. Each shift has it's own required trainings, but most trainings are done on the job. The only training you might need to complete before working a shift is a Food Handler's Permit. You must obtain a FHP for each state that you want to work in. This can be done online and generally takes a little over an hour. There are various websites from which you can obtain a permit, one being